May I Have This Dance?

Yesterday was my cousin Bridgette’s wedding which has been my main reason behind being here for the past week. I can honestly hand on heart say that it was the most perfect day, and I couldn’t be more happy for them. I love a wedding and I’ve been to many over the years, but it’s always something special when it’s people that you love and care about and I really think there’s something so lovely about being a part of their big day.

I don’t often get to see the American side of my family. It was different when I lived here, with a lot of them being around the New York area but there are some Mid Westerners who I only really get the chance to catch up with on holidays and our alternate year Christmas trip. I have a pretty big family, on both sides, but the American one is full of second and third cousins and great Aunts and Uncles. Despite not being in touch all that regularly, it’s so great to see everyone again when I do and it’s like no time has passed at all. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about seeing a lot of them in case there was any awkwardness around my going crazy a couple of months ago but it really wasn’t at all. I was actually surprised at how many said to me privately at some point how proud they were of me, that really meant so much and it definitely boosted my confidence. I also saw yesterday as the perfect OCD exposure exercise – SO many hugs and dancing with people = touchy touchy. And guess what? I crushed it like a boss. I even started initiating hugs with people, like “Oh hey great Aunt Betty – C’mere you!”. I’m probably sure that the amount of alcohol I consumed yesterday had a lot to do with that, but I’m still cheesin’.

Now, as a previous professional dancer I am ashamed to admit that my drunk dancing is just awful. I mean, truly shit. It’s either “desperate stripper with bills to pay and mouths to feed” levels of slutty, or some serious Dad-esque moves. There’s no in between. Thankfully, yesterday’s was purely Dad dancing but I ended up pairing up with the Best Man whose dance moves rivalled mine on the awful scale. We threw shapes pretty much all night, and a highlight of that was a spur of the moment choreographed routine to French Montana’s Unforgettable including the Bride and Groom. And unforgettable it probably was (not in a good way). My favourite part of the day overall, speaking of dancing, was the Bride and Groom’s first dance which was to Francis and The Lights’ “May I Have This Dance?”, which really is just the perfect choice.

I always think attending weddings gets you thinking about it, but I’ve never really been a traditional girl in the sense that I’ve fantasised about my wedding day. It’s not really something that I’ve given much thought to other than I know for sure it will not be religious – providing I do ever actually get married. I mean, let’s face it, I’m kind of pushing on a bit here (apply within if interested in a recovering crazy Swedish lady with a massive vinyl collection and the ability to bake some decent cakes). The thing is though, it doesn’t worry me. I don’t really believe it’s necessary – I mean my Mom and Dad aren’t married, have no intention of being so and are just still crazy in love with each other. I think that’s awesome. It just wouldn’t change much for me other than my surname, possibly, but that’s not to say if I was with someone and we were at that stage that I wouldn’t say yes.

So – I’m currently super hungover after sneaking back to my room at 5am this morning with a pizza I mine swept from the buffet table and I don’t think I’ll be moving much from my bed, despite my niece’s protests that I’m not being “fun” today. Tomorrow I’m flying to San Francisco to be reunited with my best friend from University, who I haven’t seen for around 2 years and I’m so stoked.

NY, it’s been fun.


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