Milk and Honey

There’s few books that I would describe as being able to break and remake you, but Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey does just that. I normally carry it with me because there’s something about it that I’ve always connected with, even before everything happened – but now more than ever it speaks to me on a level that’s hard to describe. Her writing is both painful and beautiful, and now with my added life experiences of late I feel I can add a whole new aspect of understanding onto what she tells.

It’s comforting – especially in times where people let you down, which is how I’m feeling lately. It’s like there’s this warmth of acceptance between the pages that won’t disappoint you like everything else can.

Today I went to inspiration point by myself as my friend was at work, and I spent most of it reading and just being content with my own company. This little collection of poetry was the perfect companion, though.

Do read it if you get the chance, I promise it won’t disappoint.



Musical pairing: Headache – Grouper 


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